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Language Variation and Identity Quiz

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1. What concept describes the variation of language based on social factors and contexts, demonstrating how language use can vary within a community?

2. Which term refers to linguistic features that differentiate groups of speakers, especially based on regional or social factors?

3. Identify the term used to describe a style or variation of a language used in a particular setting or for a particular purpose, such as academic, legal, or informal speech.

4. Which term best describes the phenomenon of individuals altering their language style or dialect to conform to the perceived norms of a group they are interacting with?

5. What is the primary reason for language change over time?

6. What is an idiolect?

7. Which concept is pivotal in understanding how language can act as a marker of social identity?

8. What does the term 'pidgin' refer to in the context of language variation?

9. Which linguistic term is used to describe a speech community's negative or positive attitudes towards different varieties or aspects of a language?

10. In sociolinguistics, what term is used to describe a situation where two languages or dialects are used in distinct social contexts within the same community?