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Language Change in the Digital Age Quiz

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1. Which term refers to the creation of new words or phrases specifically for use in online communication?

2. What effect does the digital age have on language change?

3. Which of the following platforms has played a significant role in the dissemination of internet-specific language forms and slangs?

4. In the context of online communication, what does 'morphological shortening' refer to?

5. How have emojis and emoticons impacted language in the digital age?

6. What phenomena describes the blending of digital language features into spoken language?

7. What is the primary cause of semantic change in the digital age?

8. Which concept describes the phenomenon where outdated online slang is still used by certain individuals, creating a digital 'time capsule'?

9. How does the predominance of visual communication in the digital age (e.g., memes, GIFs) influence language?

10. What role do online forums and social media play in the evolution of language?