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Language and Social Media Quiz

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1. Which term refers to the adoption of specific linguistic practices in social media to include or exclude certain groups?

2. What is the primary reason for the emergence of abbreviated language forms like 'LOL' and 'BRB' in online communication?

3. In the context of social media, what does the concept of 'phatic communication' primarily refer to?

4. Which online linguistic practice involves the creative manipulation of spellings, often to mimic spoken language or convey humor?

5. What role does 'discourse analysis' play in the study of language and social media?

6. How has the proliferation of social media influenced linguistic variation?

7. In the context of online communication, what is 'digital literacy'?

8. Which feature of social media language can be attributed to the desire for personalization and identity expression?

9. What phenomenon describes the way users adapt their language on social media to suit different audiences or contexts?

10. How do 'hashtags' function in the language of social media?