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Language and Social Class Quiz

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1. What term best describes the variety of language that is strongly associated with a particular social group?

2. Code-switching is a linguistic phenomenon that occurs when a speaker alternates between two or more languages or dialects within a single conversation. Which of the following is a common reason for code-switching?

3. Which sociolinguistic theory posits that linguistic variations not only convey semantic meaning but also social meaning, such as the speaker's social status or credibility?

4. What is the primary focus of sociolinguistics?

5. Which of the following best describes the concept of 'linguistic capital'?

6. Which concept refers to the process of adapting one's speech style to match that of their interlocutor in order to reduce social distance?

7. In the context of language and social class, what does 'diglossia' refer to?

8. What term is used to describe the perceived 'correctness' of a language variety by a community, often associated with the variety used by those in power?

9. Which linguistic phenomenon involves the deliberate choice to use features of a lower-status variety to challenge or subvert dominant linguistic norms?

10. What does the concept of 'language ideology' refer to?