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Types of Organizational Culture Quiz

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1. Which type of organizational culture promotes team cohesion and a family-like sense of unity?

2. What organizational culture type is characterized by a strong emphasis on results, competition, and achieving targets?

3. Which organizational culture prioritizes innovation, adaptability, and creative responses to challenges?

4. Identify the organizational culture that emphasizes structured governance, clear procedures, and a high degree of formalization.

5. Which of the following best describes a company where innovation and risk-taking are encouraged, and failure is seen as a learning opportunity?

6. In which type of organizational culture is decision-making typically decentralized?

7. Which type of organizational culture would most likely use a formal code of conduct to guide employee behavior?

8. A company that values tradition, stability, and long-term commitment is likely to have which type of organizational culture?

9. Which organizational culture would you associate with a 'bottom-line' mentality, focusing primarily on financial performance?

10. An organization that prioritizes procedures, authority, and a clear command chain exhibits traits of which culture?