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Team Roles Quiz

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1. Which of the following best describes the role of a 'Team Leader' in group dynamics?

2. Identify the team role primarily focused on exploring new opportunities and bringing creative solutions to the table.

3. In the context of team roles, what distinguishes a 'Resource Investigator' from other roles?

4. Which team role is essential for scrutinizing the team's ideas and strategies to identify potential weaknesses?

5. What role does a 'Completer-Finisher' play in a team setting?

6. Which role in a team is primarily responsible for keeping the team focused on its targets and facilitating decision-making?

7. A 'Shaper' within a team is best described as someone who:

8. The role of 'Team Worker' is most accurately characterized by:

9. What distinguishes the 'Specialist' role in a team?

10. How can a 'Facilitator' best contribute to a team's success?