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Prioritization Techniques Quiz

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1. Which prioritization technique involves ranking requirements based on their relative importance to stakeholders?

2. What does the acronym 'ICE' stand for in prioritization?

3. In the Eisenhower Matrix, tasks that are not urgent and not important should be:

4. Which prioritization technique uses a numeric system to score and rank tasks based on specific criteria?

5. The Kano Model classifies features into all of the following categories EXCEPT:

6. Which technique is often used to resolve conflicts among project stakeholders during the prioritization process?

7. Pareto Analysis is based on the principle that:

8. In Risk Management prioritization, which of the following is NOT a commonly used category for classifying risks?

9. The RICE scoring model prioritizes tasks based on all of the following criteria EXCEPT:

10. First Things First prioritization is closely associated with which of the following productivity concepts?