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Selection Techniques Quiz

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1. Which of the following is NOT a common selection technique used in user interface design?

2. In terms of usability, what is the main purpose of implementing a hover effect as a selection technique in a GUI?

3. Which selection technique is best suitable for selecting multiple discrete items in a list?

4. What principle does the 'Direct Manipulation' selection technique adhere to in UI design?

5. How does the 'Contextual Menu' selection technique enhance user experience?

6. What is a potential drawback of using the 'Double-Click' selection technique in web interfaces?

7. Which selection technique is particularly useful for mobile interfaces due to limited screen space?

8. What usability concern should be considered when implementing 'Long Press' as a selection technique?

9. In a desktop UI, what is a benefit of using 'Keyboard Shortcuts' as a selection technique?

10. Which of the following scenarios is best suited for the use of 'Voice Command' as a selection technique?