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Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility Quiz

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1. Which of the following best describes 'Marketing Ethics'?

2. Which type of marketing focuses on societal issues and contributes to a cause beyond selling products or services?

3. A company implements a marketing strategy that focuses on reducing negative impacts on the environment. This approach is known as:

4. Which principle of marketing ethics is primarily concerned with protecting consumers from harm?

5. When a company exaggerates the environmentally friendly attributes of its product in its marketing materials, it is committing:

6. Which of the following best illustrates the concept of 'Social Responsibility' in marketing?

7. What is considered the ultimate goal of ethical marketing?

8. A company ensures its marketing messages reflect the true characteristics, benefits, and limitations of its products. This practice demonstrates:

9. Which practice is at the core of building long-term, ethical relationships with customers?

10. How does practicing marketing ethics positively affect a company's brand image?