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Marketing Planning Templates and Frameworks Quiz

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1. Which of the following is a tool used to analyze a company's internal strengths and weaknesses along with external opportunities and threats?

2. In the context of PESTLE Analysis, what does the 'E' stand for?

3. Which framework helps in deciding the best way to allocate resources to maximize sales and market share?

4. The 4Ps of Marketing refer to Product, Place, Promotion, and which other element?

5. Which template focuses on identifying and analyzing the macro-environmental factors that might affect a business?

6. What is the primary focus of Porter’s Five Forces analysis?

7. The Ansoff Matrix helps businesses strategize about growth by evaluating which of the following dimensions?

8. When conducting a SWOT Analysis, which category would emerging market opportunities fall under?

9. What does the 'S' in PESTLE Analysis stand for?

10. Which of the following frameworks is used to evaluate a company's competitive position within its industry?