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Material Science Undergraduate Quiz

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1. Which crystal structure is typical for iron at room temperature?

2. What is the primary mechanism of plastic deformation in metals?

3. In the iron-carbon phase diagram, what is the name of the phase at the composition of 0.76% carbon at temperatures below the eutectoid temperature?

4. Which property of materials measures their ability to conduct heat?

5. What type of material is characterized by strong covalent bonding and typically exhibits high hardness and low electrical conductivity?

6. Which of the following is not a common mechanical property tested in material science?

7. What feature distinguishes thermoset polymers from thermoplastic polymers?

8. What is the effect of cold working on the mechanical properties of metals?

9. Which phase transformation involves the rearrangement of atoms in a solid state to alter the crystal structure without melting?

10. In composite materials, what is the role of the matrix component?