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Undergraduate Alloys Knowledge Quiz

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1. Which alloy is typically used in the manufacturing of aircraft bodies due to its high strength-to-weight ratio?

2. What is the primary mechanism by which the strength of metallic alloys can be increased?

3. Which phase diagram feature indicates the temperature and composition range within which two phases coexist in equilibrium?

4. Which alloy is known for its resistance to corrosion in a marine environment?

5. In the context of alloys, what does the term 'eutectic' refer to?

6. What is the main advantage of adding chromium to steel?

7. What type of alloy is brass?

8. Which element is commonly added to aluminium alloys to improve their strength and hardness?

9. Which alloy is particularly known for its shape memory properties, meaning it can return to its original form after deformation?

10. What is the effect of cold working on the ductility of an alloy?