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Mechanical Properties of Materials Quiz

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1. What property of a material describes its ability to return to its original shape after being deformed?

2. Which mechanical property is an indication of a material’s resistance to localized plastic deformation (e.g., indentation)?

3. At what point on the stress-strain curve does plastic deformation begin?

4. Which property measures the maximum amount of energy a material can absorb before fracturing?

5. What type of mechanical test is primarily used to determine a material’s ductility?

6. Which term describes the ratio of applied stress to corresponding strain below the proportional limit of a material?

7. A material that exhibits a relatively large deformation before fracture is described as:

8. What property of a material refers to its ability to undergo significant permanent deformation under compressive load without cracking?

9. The resistance of a material to fracture in the presence of cracks is called:

10. Which factor does NOT directly influence the mechanical properties of a material?