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Stress and Strain Mastery Quiz

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1. What is defined as the ratio of tensile stress to longitudinal strain in the region of elastic deformation?

2. In the context of material science, what does the term 'elastic limit' refer to?

3. Material X has a Poisson's Ratio of 0.5. When longitudinally stressed, how does its volume change?

4. What property measures the deformation of a material in the direction perpendicular to the direction of force?

5. Hooke’s Law states that the strain in a body is directly proportional to:

6. Which type of stress occurs when an object is compressed by forces directed towards it from opposite sides?

7. What is the effect called when a material temporarily deforms under stress but returns to its original shape when the stress is removed?

8. Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences the stress experienced by a material?

9. In mechanical engineering, shear stress is defined as:

10. What property is described as a material's resistance to deformation under load?