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Compression Testing Quiz

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1. What does the gradient of the initial linear portion of the stress-strain curve obtained from a compression test represent?

2. During a compression test, when a material exhibits a decrease in cross-sectional area accompanied by an increase in length, this phenomenon is known as:

3. What is the primary purpose of conducting a compression test on materials?

4. In a compression test, which failure mode is characterized by the material splitting along planes at an angle to the compression axis?

5. What parameter is particularly important to measure during a compression test of a brittle material?

6. Which of the following materials is most likely to undergo ductile failure during a compression test?

7. What effect does an increase in strain rate have on the observed properties of a material during a compression test?

8. What is the significance of calculating Poisson's ratio in the context of a compression test?

9. Which characteristic is a result of the plastic region in a stress-strain curve obtained from a compression test?

10. In a compression test, which of the following would indicate the onset of plastic deformation in a ductile material?