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Creep Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is the primary mechanism of creep deformation at high temperatures and low stress?

2. Which of the following factors does not influence the rate of creep?

3. What is often added to metals to improve their creep resistance at high temperatures?

4. In the context of creep, what does the term 'Nabarro-Herring creep' refer to?

5. Which stage of creep is characterized by a decreasing rate of strain over time?

6. What effect does increasing the temperature have on the creep rate of a material?

7. Which of the following materials is likely to exhibit the highest creep resistance?

8. Creep deformation is commonly observed under which of the following conditions?

9. What is the relationship between grain size and creep resistance?

10. Which of the following is a common method for measuring creep deformation?