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Impact Testing Quiz

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1. Which test is specifically designed to measure the resistance of a material to failure (fracture) by impact?

2. At what temperature does the ductile-to-brittle transition usually occur in most steels?

3. What characteristic is determined by the area under the curve in a stress-strain diagram resulting from an impact test?

4. What factor is NOT directly assessed by impact testing?

5. What does notch sensitivity refer to in the context of impact testing?

6. In Charpy impact testing, what does the test specimen typically consist of?

7. What is the primary difference between the Charpy and Izod impact tests?

8. Which of the following materials is most likely to exhibit a significant ductile-to-brittle transition?

9. When performing an impact test, which of the following factors could influence the results?

10. Why are impact tests considered a form of dynamic testing?