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Phase Transformations and Microstructure Quiz

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1. What occurs during the process of quenching a steel alloy?

2. Which phase is typically formed in iron-carbon alloys with a carbon content of 0.8% when cooled slowly from the austenitize temperature?

3. What is the significance of the Gibbs phase rule in the context of phase transformations?

4. In the context of microstructure, what is 'grain boundary strengthening'?

5. What effect does increasing the cooling rate after heat treatment have on the microstructure of metallic alloys?

6. Which crystal structure is characteristic of austenite in steel?

7. What is the primary mechanism of phase transformation in most metals and alloys?

8. Which phase is typically harder and more brittle, martensite or pearlite?

9. What role does the eutectoid point play in the iron-carbon phase diagram?

10. How does the presence of alloying elements affect the phase diagrams of metals?