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Heat Treatment of Materials Quiz

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1. What is the primary purpose of heat treating metals?

2. What heat treatment process involves heating a steel part to a temperature above its critical point and then cooling it rapidly in water or oil?

3. During which heat treatment process is steel heated to a temperature below its critical point and then air-cooled to relieve internal stresses?

4. What is the main objective of the annealing process?

5. Which heat treatment process is specifically designed to increase the surface hardness of steel while leaving the interior less hard?

6. What effect does the tempering process have on steel?

7. What is the result of hardening steel through the quenching process?

8. Which process involves enriching the surface layer of steel with carbon or nitrogen to increase hardness?

9. Why is cryogenic treatment applied to some metals after heat treatment?

10. In the context of heat treatment, what does the term 'austenitizing' refer to?