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Material Science: Corrosion and Degradation Quiz

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1. What is the process by which metals deteriorate due to reactions with their environment?

2. Which factor does NOT directly contribute to the rate of corrosion?

3. What type of corrosion occurs uniformly over a metal's surface?

4. Which type of coating is commonly used to protect metals from corrosion?

5. What is the primary mechanism by which stainless steel resists corrosion?

6. Which environmental condition is least likely to accelerate corrosion?

7. In galvanic corrosion, what happens to the anode?

8. What does the term 'crevice corrosion' refer to?

9. Which method is NOT a way to protect metals from corrosion?

10. What phenomenon occurs when a protective oxide layer on a metal, such as aluminum, is broken or damaged?