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Polymerization Techniques Quiz

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1. Which type of polymerization involves the repeated addition of monomer molecules with double or triple bonds, resulting in a long chain?

2. In condensation polymerization, what type of small molecules are often released as by-products?

3. Which polymerization technique utilizes free radicals to initiate the polymerization process?

4. What is the main difference between step-growth polymerization and chain-growth polymerization?

5. Which initiator is commonly used in free radical polymerization?

6. What feature distinguishes living polymerization from conventional radical polymerization?

7. In Ziegler-Natta polymerization, what role do the Ziegler-Natta catalysts play?

8. Which type of polymerization is specifically designed for synthesizing block copolymers?

9. What is the main advantage of using controlled/living radical polymerization (CRP) techniques over traditional free radical polymerization?

10. Which of the following polymers is typically synthesized through ring-opening polymerization?