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Blow Molding Mastery Quiz

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1. Which material is most commonly used in blow molding?

2. What term describes the heated plastic tube used in blow molding before it is inflated?

3. In blow molding, what is the purpose of air pressure?

4. Which of the following is NOT a step in the blow molding process?

5. What is the main advantage of blow molding over other plastic forming techniques?

6. In which blow molding technique is a continuously extruded parison used?

7. What aspect of the blow molding process helps to determine the wall thickness of the produced item?

8. Which blow molding technique involves stretching the parison both axially and radially before inflation?

9. What is a significant benefit of using multi-layer parisons in blow molding?

10. Which factor is NOT directly controlled during the blow molding process to influence the properties of the final product?