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Understanding Types of Composites: Polymer, Metal, Ceramic Quiz

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1. What is the primary role of the matrix in composite materials?

2. Which of the following is a typical application for polymer matrix composites (PMCs)?

3. Metal matrix composites (MMCs) are often chosen for automotive applications because of their:

4. Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) are preferred in applications requiring:

5. In polymer matrix composites, what commonly serves as the reinforcing material?

6. What advantage do ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) have over traditional ceramics?

7. What characteristic is primarily enhanced by the addition of reinforcement materials to a metal matrix in MMCs?

8. Which of the following best describes the role of reinforcement in composite materials?

9. For electrical insulation applications, which type of composite is most suitable?

10. What is a key benefit of using metal matrix composites (MMCs) over traditional metals in structural applications?