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Composite Fabrication Techniques Quiz

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1. Which composite fabrication technique involves laying dry fabric layers into a mold and then injecting resin under pressure?

2. What is the primary advantage of autoclave curing in composite fabrication?

3. In the hand layup method for composite fabrication, what is the main benefit?

4. Which fabrication technique uses a vacuum to compact the laminate and eliminate air voids before curing?

5. What is the primary function of a mold release agent in composite fabrication?

6. Continuous fiber reinforcement is preferred over short fiber reinforcement in composite fabrication for what reason?

7. Which of the following is NOT a reason for using a core material in sandwich composites?

8. What distinguishes pultrusion as a composite fabrication technique?

9. Which of the following methods is primarily used for the production of thermoplastic composites?

10. Filament winding is best suited for producing which type of composite parts?