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Metal Alloys Quiz

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1. What is the primary alloying element in stainless steel?

2. Which alloy is known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion in sea water?

3. What is the process called that strengthens metal alloys by heating them and then cooling in water?

4. In aluminum alloys, which element is commonly added to improve strength through precipitation hardening?

5. Which metal alloy is primarily used in the construction of aircraft frames due to its high strength-to-weight ratio?

6. What characteristic of metal alloys is primarily enhanced by the process of annealing?

7. Which of the following alloys is best known for its wear resistance?

8. Which alloy system is Al 2024 a part of?

9. For enhancing the corrosion resistance of steel, which of the following processes is most commonly used?

10. What is the main advantage of using superalloys in high-temperature applications?