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Test Your Knowledge on Ferrous Alloys Quiz

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1. Which element is primarily responsible for the characteristic properties of ferrous alloys?

2. What is the primary difference between steel and cast iron?

3. What is the effect of adding chromium to steel?

4. Which type of cast iron is characterized by the presence of graphite flakes in its structure?

5. What process is used to increase the hardness and strength of steel?

6. Which ferrous alloy is known for its exceptional ductility?

7. In the context of ferrous alloys, what is the primary role of molybdenum?

8. What distinguishes high-speed steel (HSS) from other types of steel?

9. What is the typical carbon content range for low carbon steel?

10. Which process involves heating a ferrous alloy to a temperature below its melting point and then cooling it slowly to make it more ductile?