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High-Temperature Alloys Quiz

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1. Which element is most commonly associated with the base of superalloys used in high-temperature applications?

2. What characteristic is primarily enhanced by adding aluminum and titanium to nickel-based superalloys?

3. Why are high-temperature alloys, particularly superalloys, essential in aerospace engineering?

4. What is the primary function of the gamma prime ( extbackslash(gamma') phase in nickel-based superalloys?

5. Which property of high-temperature alloys is most critical for applications involving jet engines?

6. Refractory metals like tungsten and molybdenum are used in high-temperature alloys primarily for their:

7. Which quality is specifically improved by the inclusion of chromium in high-temperature alloys?

8. In the context of high-temperature alloys, what does the term 'creep' refer to?

9. For a nickel-based superalloy, what role does cobalt play?

10. What is the primary benefit of using single-crystal superalloys in turbine blades?