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Titanium Alloys Deep Dive Quiz

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1. What is the primary phase in which titanium alloys are used due to its desirable mechanical properties?

2. Titanium alloys can be strengthened by which of the following methods?

3. Which alloying element is NOT commonly added to titanium alloys to stabilize the beta phase?

4. What is the main purpose of heat treating titanium alloys?

5. The Creep resistance in titanium alloys is improved by the addition of which element?

6. Which titanium alloy is known for its high strength and is widely used in aerospace applications?

7. Titanium alloys exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio largely due to which property?

8. What is the effect of alloying titanium with elements like vanadium and molybdenum?

9. In terms of applications, where are titanium alloys most commonly used due to their corrosion resistance?

10. What phase transformation occurs in titanium alloys during the heat treatment process known as 'alpha-beta annealing'?