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Magnesium Alloys Knowledge Test Quiz

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1. What is the primary advantage of using magnesium alloys over heavier metals in the manufacture of automotive parts?

2. Which magnesium alloy is commonly used due to its excellent corrosion resistance and weldability?

3. What heat treatment process is often applied to magnesium alloys to improve their mechanical properties?

4. Which element is commonly added to magnesium alloys to improve their strength and hardness?

5. Magnesium alloys are particularly noted for their:

6. In the context of magnesium alloys, what does the term "creep resistance" refer to?

7. Which process is typically used to produce fine-grained magnesium alloys for improved mechanical properties?

8. What is the main role of zinc in magnesium alloys?

9. For magnesium alloys, the protection against corrosion is generally achieved through:

10. Which magnesium alloy is best known for its ductility?