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Glass-Ceramics Mastery Quiz

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1. What is the primary reason for the high strength and toughness of glass-ceramics compared to normal glass?

2. Which process is commonly employed to develop the desired crystalline phases in glass-ceramics?

3. What property of glass-ceramics makes them suitable for dental restoration materials?

4. Which term describes the phenomenon in glass-ceramics where crystals are developed in certain regions due to controlled heating?

5. Glass-ceramics are known for their unique property of having a low thermal expansion coefficient. What advantage does this property provide in applications?

6. In the production of glass-ceramics, which stage involves the compaction of powder materials into a desired shape?

7. What is a key advantage of glass-ceramics over traditional ceramics in medical implants?

8. How does the microstructure of glass-ceramics affect their mechanical properties?

9. Which property of glass-ceramics is critical for their application in cooktop panels and telescope mirror substrates?

10. What distinguishes glass-ceramics from traditional glass in terms of their internal structure?