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Dielectric Materials Quiz

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1. What property of dielectric materials allows them to be used effectively in capacitors?

2. Which of the following materials is NOT typically considered a dielectric?

3. What characteristic is primarily measured to assess a dielectric material’s effectiveness?

4. What happens to a dielectric material when placed in an electric field?

5. Which principle explains the increase in capacitance when a dielectric material is inserted between the plates of a capacitor?

6. Which type of dielectric material exhibits a change in polarization with temperature and can be used in temperature sensors?

7. What effect does increasing the frequency of the applied electric field have on the dielectric loss in a material?

8. What is the primary function of a dielectric in a capacitor?

9. Which factor does NOT affect the dielectric strength of a material?

10. How does the presence of impurities in a dielectric material affect its properties?