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Biomaterials Quiz

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1. What characteristic is most crucial for a biomaterial to be used in implant devices?

2. Which polymer is commonly used in tissue engineering due to its biocompatibility and biodegradability?

3. What is the primary factor that influences the biodegradation rate of a biomaterial?

4. Which of the following materials is most likely to be used for bone graft substitutes?

5. Surface modification of biomaterials is primarily performed to improve their:

6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an ideal biomaterial?

7. In tissue engineering, scaffolds are used to:

8. The mechanical properties of a biomaterial can be critical for its function. Which property is particularly important for biomaterials used in load-bearing applications like joint replacements?

9. What is the primary purpose of using ceramics in biomaterials?

10. Which characteristic of metallic biomaterials is crucial for their function in permanent implants?