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Nanocomposites Knowledge Test Quiz

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1. What is the primary advantage of incorporating nanoparticles into a polymer matrix to create a nanocomposite?

2. Which of the following is NOT a common type of nanoparticle used in nanocomposites?

3. For enhanced electrical conductivity in a nanocomposite, which of the following nanoparticles is most commonly added?

4. Which technique is often used for the dispersion of nanoparticles within a polymer matrix to form nanocomposites?

5. Nanocomposites are particularly valued in aerospace engineering for their:

6. Which property of nanocomposites makes them suitable for use in protective coatings?

7. What is the primary function of the polymer matrix in a polymer-based nanocomposite?

8. In terms of thermal stability, nanocomposites typically:

9. The addition of nanoparticles to create a nanocomposite can alter the material's optical properties. This is primarily due to:

10. Which application benefits from the use of magnetic nanocomposites?