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Carbon Nanotubes Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is the main factor that determines the electrical properties of carbon nanotubes?

2. Which method is commonly used for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes?

3. What property makes carbon nanotubes exceptionally strong and flexible?

4. Which application is carbon nanotubes known for enhancing due to their electrical properties?

5. How do carbon nanotubes exhibit toxicity to human cells?

6. What advantage do carbon nanotubes offer in the field of structural composites?

7. Which physical form of carbon nanotubes allows for their use as effective field emitters?

8. What characteristic feature of carbon nanotubes contributes to their ability to serve as nano-sized probes in microscopy?

9. In the context of drug delivery, what feature of carbon nanotubes is particularly advantageous?

10. What aspect of carbon nanotubes' structure allows for the modification and functionalization to improve their compatibility with biological systems?