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Biomimetic Materials Quiz

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1. What principle underlies the design of biomimetic materials?

2. Which of the following is a key characteristic of biomimetic materials?

3. Gecko feet inspired the creation of which biomimetic material?

4. What technique is often used in biomimetic material development to replicate the micro and nanostructures found in nature?

5. The shark skin-inspired material, Sharklet, is designed to

6. The structure of a lotus leaf has inspired the development of materials with what kind of properties?

7. Biomimetic materials often aim to replicate which of the following features found in nature?

8. By studying the bone structure, researchers have been inspired to develop materials with enhanced

9. What is a common application of biomimetic materials in the medical field?

10. The efficiency of modern solar panels has been significantly improved by mimicking which natural process?