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Topology Fundamentals Quiz

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1. Which of the following statements correctly defines a topological space?

2. What property does a continuous function between two topological spaces preserve?

3. Which topological property is defined by the absence of separable disjoint non-empty open sets?

4. Which statement is true about compact sets in a topological space?

5. Identify the concept that describes when two topological spaces are equivalent in a topological sense.

6. In topology, a space is said to be Hausdorff if which of the following conditions is met?

7. What is the primary characteristic of a metric space?

8. A function between topological spaces is considered open if it maps open sets to

9. Which of the following is NOT a property of continuous functions in topology?

10. The concept of a basis for a topology on a set X is most closely related to which of the following definitions?