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Mathematical Optimization Quiz

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1. Which of the following terms best defines the process of finding the maximum or minimum values of a function within a given domain?

2. In linear programming, what does the feasible region represent?

3. Which method is commonly used for finding a local minimum or maximum of a differentiable function?

4. What does the term 'convex function' imply about the relationship between any two points on the graph of the function?

5. What is the primary purpose of using Lagrange multipliers in optimization problems?

6. In the context of optimization, what does a 'dual problem' refer to?

7. Which is a key characteristic of the Simplex Method in solving linear programming problems?

8. What does the term 'nonlinear programming' specifically refer to in the context of optimization?

9. What is the main advantage of piecewise linear approximation in optimization?

10. Which of the following best describes the purpose of sensitivity analysis in optimization?