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Numerical Analysis Multiple Choice Quiz

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1. Which method is commonly used for finding the roots of a non-linear equation?

2. What does the term 'numerical stability' refer to in numerical analysis?

3. In the context of interpolation, what does Lagrange's Interpolation formula aim to achieve?

4. Which of the following algorithms is best for solving a system of linear equations?

5. When performing numerical integration, what is the primary aim of the Simpson's rule?

6. What is the purpose of error analysis in numerical analysis?

7. Which numerical method is primarily used for approximating the solutions of partial differential equations?

8. What concept does the 'Runge-Kutta method' primarily relate to?

9. Which principle does 'Richardson Extrapolation' leverage to improve the accuracy of numerical approximations?

10. What does the term 'convergence' refer to in the context of iterative methods in numerical analysis?