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Orthopedic Nursing Quiz for Undergraduate Students Quiz

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1. What is a common initial treatment for a patient with a closed fracture?

2. Which type of joint replacement surgery is most commonly performed?

3. Which medication is typically prescribed to manage pain in patients with osteoarthritis?

4. Post-operatively, what is a priority nursing intervention for a patient who had a joint replacement surgery?

5. Which clinical finding is most indicative of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in a post-operative orthopedic patient?

6. In orthopedic nursing, 'traction' is primarily used to:

7. Which assessment criterion is crucial for a patient with a cast?

8. A nurse is educating a patient on how to use crutches after a lower limb injury. What is the most important safety tip to include?

9. What is a key focus of rehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal injuries?

10. Which is a recommended dietary adjustment for patients managing osteoarthritis?