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Oxygen Therapy Quiz

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1. What is the primary goal of oxygen therapy?

2. Which device is best suited for delivering low-flow oxygen therapy?

3. When oxygen therapy is initiated, why is it crucial to monitor a patient closely for signs of respiratory depression?

4. At what oxygen saturation level should oxygen therapy be considered for a COPD patient experiencing an exacerbation, according to general guidelines?

5. What is the primary function of a humidifier in oxygen therapy?

6. Which type of oxygen delivery system is most appropriate for a patient requiring a precisely controlled oxygen concentration?

7. How does a non-rebreather mask differ from a simple face mask in oxygen therapy?

8. What is the purpose of using a pulse oximeter in oxygen therapy?

9. Which factor influences the choice of oxygen delivery device for a patient?

10. What potential complication is associated with long-term oxygen therapy?