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Metaphysics: Essence, Existence, and Identity Quiz

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1. What concept in metaphysics refers to the idea that reality is fundamentally constituted by a single kind of substance or entity?

2. In metaphysics, what does the term 'ontology' primarily concern?

3. Which of the following best describes the principle of 'identity of indiscernibles'?

4. What is essentialism in the context of metaphysics?

5. According to metaphysics, what is the 'problem of universals'?

6. What philosophy posits that all things in the universe are composed of both physical and spiritual components?

7. What distinguishes 'modal ontological arguments' in metaphysics?

8. In metaphysics, 'qualia' refers to what aspect of experience?

9. Which concept in metaphysics argues for the fundamental nature of space and time as relational, rather than absolute or independent entities?

10. What is 'non-identity' in the context of metaphysics?