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Continental Philosophy Quiz

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1. What philosophical movement, emerging in the first half of the 20th century, emphasizes the experience of the individual and the centrality of existential questions such as meaning and choice?

2. Who is considered the father of phenomenology, a philosophical approach that studies the structures of experience and consciousness?

3. Which term refers to the philosophical analysis and critique of society and culture, aiming to reveal and challenge power structures?

4. "Being and Time," a seminal work in 20th-century philosophy, was authored by which philosopher known for his contributions to phenomenology and existentialism?

5. The philosophical method that emphasizes the interpretive aspect of human experience and understanding, especially in relation to texts, is known as:

6. Which philosopher is best known for developing the concept of "deconstruction," a critical approach that challenges the possibility of objective meaning in language?

7. The cultural movement known for its skepticism of grand narratives and its emphasis on irony, pastiche, and the fragmentation of individual identity is called:

8. Which 20th-century French philosopher and social theorist is known for his analysis of power, knowledge, and discourse, particularly in works like "The Order of Things" and "Discipline and Punish"?

9. Which philosophical movement asserts that the primary characteristic of existence is its temporality and that traditional metaphysical concepts fail to grasp the fundamental nature of being?

10. "The Ethics of Ambiguity" is a work of existentialist feminist theory written by: