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Moral Anti-Realism Quiz

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1. Moral anti-realism posits that moral statements:

2. Which of the following best represents a moral anti-realist’s view on the nature of moral judgments?

3. What criticism do moral anti-realists often direct at moral realism?

4. According to moral anti-realism, how are moral norms determined?

5. The expression 'To each his own' aligns most closely with which aspect of moral anti-realism?

6. Moral anti-realism is often compared to which of the following philosophical positions?

7. Which of the following best describes the error theory of moral judgments?

8. What distinguishes moral subjectivism within the framework of moral anti-realism?

9. Which argument is NOT commonly used by moral anti-realists?

10. How do moral anti-realists typically view moral disagreements?