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Understanding Determinism: A Philosophical Quiz

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1. What does the principle of determinism state about events and actions in the universe?

2. Which philosophical stance is directly opposed to Determinism?

3. Which argument suggests that even in a deterministic universe, humans can still be considered morally responsible for their actions?

4. How does the 'Principle of Sufficient Reason' relate to determinism?

5. In deterministic theories, how do non-deterministic events, such as quantum fluctuations, impact the concept of free will?

6. In the debate on Determinism, what is Compatibilism's main assertion?

7. Hard Determinism claims that:

8. Which of the following is a common argument used by determinists to support their view?

9. What does 'Laplace's demon' illustrate about determinism?

10. How does 'Incompatibilism' view the relationship between determinism and free will?