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Exploring Reality and Existence Quiz

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1. What does the philosophical concept of 'realism' assert about the nature of reality?

2. In ontology, what does the term 'monism' refer to?

3. Which philosopher is best known for his theory of 'Forms' or 'Ideas', arguing that true knowledge comes from understanding these abstract entities, rather than observable objects?

4. What does existentialism primarily focus on?

5. In the context of philosophy, what is 'solipsism'?

6. What philosophical stance maintains that the nature of reality depends on the perceptions and subjective experiences of individuals?

7. Which concept refers to the belief in the absence of an objective basis for truth and morality?

8. Who is associated with the phrase 'Cogito, ergo sum' ('I think, therefore I am')?

9. What is the main concern of metaphysics in philosophy?

10. Which term describes the philosophical study that seeks to understand the nature, sources, and limitations of knowledge?