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Explore the Depths: A Cosmological Arguments Quiz

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1. What is the primary focus of cosmological arguments?

2. According to classical cosmological arguments, what characteristic does the first cause or necessary being have?

3. The Kalam cosmological argument concludes that the universe has:

4. What logical problem do cosmological arguments seek to address by positing a first cause or necessary being?

5. Which aspect of cosmological arguments deals with the notion that every contingent being must have a reason for its existence?

6. In cosmological arguments, what is meant by a 'contingent being'?

7. How do cosmological arguments typically proceed?

8. Which philosopher is most associated with the formulation of the ontological argument, a concept often compared with cosmological arguments for the existence of God?

9. Which of the following best describes the principle of causality as it is used in cosmological arguments?

10. How does the argument from contingency differ from other cosmological arguments?