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Test Your Knowledge: Theism Quiz

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1. What term describes the belief in a single, all-powerful deity?

2. The belief that multiple gods exist and are involved in the world is known as:

3. In the context of Theism, what does 'Deism' believe?

4. Which of the following best describes 'Atheism'?

5. What is the key distinction between 'Agnosticism' and 'Atheism'?

6. Which religion is typically associated with Monotheism?

7. The belief that god is identical with the universe is known as:

8. Which view posits that the existence of God is unknown and possibly unknowable?

9. What belief system denies the existence of any deities and is considered the opposite of Theism?

10. In which belief system do deities exist and partake in the world, but with a hierarchy leading to a supreme deity?