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Exploring Foundationalism: A Philosophy Quiz

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1. What is foundationalism in the context of epistemology?

2. Which of the following best describes a 'foundational belief' according to foundationalism?

3. In the philosophy of foundationalism, which of the following is considered a primary source of foundational beliefs?

4. How does foundationalism propose to solve the 'regress argument' in epistemology?

5. What criticism is often directed towards foundationalism?

6. Which of the following philosophers is closely associated with the development of foundationalism?

7. How does coherentism differ from foundationalism in addressing the structure of knowledge and beliefs?

8. What role do 'properly basic beliefs' play in some versions of foundationalism?

9. Which criterion is NOT typically used to distinguish foundational beliefs in foundationalism?

10. How does foundationalism view the relationship between foundational beliefs and derived beliefs?