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Coherentism in Philosophy Quiz

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1. What is the primary claim of Coherentism regarding the nature of epistemic justification?

2. According to Coherentism, what role does coherence play in a belief system?

3. What is a common criticism faced by Coherentism?

4. Which of the following best describes a 'belief system' in the context of Coherentism?

5. How does Coherentism address the problem of infinite regress in epistemic justification?

6. What is meant by 'doxastic justification' in the context of Coherentism?

7. In Coherentism, what is the result of incorporating a new belief into a coherent belief system?

8. Which of the following statements would a proponent of Coherentism most likely agree with?

9. What challenge does the 'isolation objection' pose to Coherentism?

10. How does Coherentism differ from Foundationalism in its approach to justifying beliefs?