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Exploring Theories of Justification Quiz

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1. Which theory of justification posits that beliefs are justified if they are coherent with other beliefs in a system?

2. According to foundationalism, what type of beliefs serve as the basis for all other justified beliefs?

3. What distinguishes externalism from internalism in the context of theories of justification?

4. Infinitism in the context of theories of justification argues for which of the following?

5. Which philosopher is closely associated with the development of coherentism?

6. The Gettier problem challenges which theory of justification by presenting scenarios where justified true belief does not necessarily lead to knowledge?

7. Reliabilism, a form of externalism, asserts that a belief is justified if:

8. Which theory of justification allows for basic beliefs to be justified by experiences without the need for argumentative support?

9. In the realm of epistemology, what does the term 'justified true belief' traditionally refer to?

10. Who is famous for introducing the problem of 'radical skepticism' about the external world, questioning whether we can have any justified beliefs about it?